Interim update to UNL on Nov 9, 2021

The XRPLF will update the UNL and remove two validators with effect from Nov 9, 2021: 1. – This validator has been up and down for an extended period of time, and the operator shows no interest in its upkeep. In order that only attentive validators are listed on the UNL published by us, we are taking this step. 2. – This validator has been displaying erratic behaviour over the past week or so. It has been identified to likely be resource constraints. We will revisit the inclusion in due course, since the team is actively attempting to find solutions.

With this our new list will consist of 37 validators. We understand the importance of increasing the number of validators in our list, but we believe that quality and engagement matter more. Once the NegativeUNL amendment that is currently in the 2 week window is activated, the network will have a greater tolerance for validator downtime. However, we expect that all validators on our list have active participation in ensuring the health of the network.